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DMI Courses

DMI Courses

Operational and Emergency Medical Skills Course (OEMS)


The Operational and Emergency Medical Skills Course (OEMS) is a capstone training school for medical support in deployed environments.


Course Intent


This course of study was originally designed to meet the operational medicine training needs of the Special Operations Forces medic, (US Army 18D, US Air Force Pararescue, US Air Force Special Operations Medics, US Marine Corps RECON Corpsman—or equivalent) and other key medical personnel operating in austere and hostile environments (Physicians, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Independent Duty Corpsmen, and Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedics, Intermediate and Basic).  The OEMS course is considered an advanced operational or emergency medicine course.  However, with the advent of the Global War on Terror supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as the sustainment and support of Homeland Security operations and other operational theaters, the requirement to train a wider spectrum and larger number of medical personnel is in fact an obligation in support of our national effort.


These mission requirements to support the national forces’ operational tempo have shifted the prerequisite skill levels necessary to attend OEMS to include basic graduates of the Field Medical Training Battalion corpsman training (and equivalent), as well as, members of the Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and other Federal Agencies.


Essentially, if you have any medical training at all, you will benefit from the training offered in this course; even individuals without medical training have attended this course (non-military) and have expressed a relative degree of comfort with the material (due primarily to the manner and mechanism of instruction).  Participants have stated and demonstrated increased confidence and competence in providing medical aid in emergency trauma situations.


However, understanding the level of medical information offered, each operational commander should make the decision to send personnel to this course based on this understanding—it is an advanced emergency medical skills course.  If the operational commander feels the training needs of the force may be more adequately met with training that targets a lower skill level—other DMI courses are available, including the Deployment Medicine Operators Course, and Combat Trauma Management training, as well as other custom curriculums.


Understanding the advanced nature of the OEMS medical curriculum—it is the decision of the operational commander to challenge the student to meet or exceed the commander’s training expectations.  DMI will meet the expectations of any operational commander to train their troops, to augment their skills, and to improve their confidence and competence in their ability to sustain life at the point of wounding on the battlefield.


To help you achieve these advanced training goals, DMI employs one of the finest and most professional operational medical training staffs in the field.  We are truly an international company with an international SOF medical training staff and a high instructor to student ratio - always.


Course Content


This course of instruction is designed to address the medical theory and science behind the special needs of medical providers in a theatre of war.  Our goal is to augment the skills already given you through your service schools and other training—to present you with innovative lessons learned from the battlefield—to give you additional confidence and knowledge.  Our mission it to train you to be your best when your best is needed in combat.  The course addresses the mission of operational emergency medical care, remote medical care, prolonged transport times, unique military wounding, and the pre-hospital environment.


We will provide a course based on current science and actual experience specific to the unique environments and resources of operational units.  We will build on previous medical training to define the treatment options in the combat environment based on the best academic medical consensus (as a minimum, Tactical Combat Casualty Care; Basic and Advanced Pre hospital Trauma Life Support—Military Manual Version Six), real casualty data, and actual combat experience to include (as a minimum):

  1. Managing Blood Loss

  2. Airway Management

  3. Respiratory Injury Management

  4. Circulation Shock Management

  5. Casualty Assessment

  6. Medical Ramifications of Blast Injury

  7. Operational Burn Injury Management

  8. Prolonged Care

  9. Advanced Wound Care Management

  10. Pain Management

  11. Maximizing Operational Performance

  12. Field Training Exercises with Tactically Relevant Scenarios and LTT (involving Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, CASEVAC, and Prolonged Care)


The mission of DMI is to train you to save lives in the combat environment—no one matches our ability to do this.  We are the single largest trainer of US military forces in operation medicine, and our record for excellence stands unchallenged. 


To accomplish our training objective DMI utilizes a hybrid-training paradigm.  We divide the course into four integral training components, (1) classroom didactic lecture, (2) simulation and mini labs, (3) Live Tissue Training-procedural models, and (4) LTT-scenario based ballistic wounding models.



  1. The current course price is $2600 for OEMS and $2740 for OEMS (SOF) within the contiguous United States

  2. OCONUS Commercial Course Price for OEMS (BCT3) is $3060 (*WTA discount is available, other custom course price and discounts are available through direct coordination)

  3. SOF Custom TCCC/PHTLS/LTT 5-Day course $3500

  4. Please contact us for other course pricing

  5. A course marked “Closed” indicates a unit-specific function

  6. Course capacity is governed by location; once a course fills, a waiting list will be used to manage overflow seats

  7. Due to increased interest in the class, we are requesting that a letter of intent be submitted that states all students’ name, rank, SIN, requested course dates, awareness of location of course, and a POC with telephone number where we can reach them should there be any changes in the schedule that they need to be aware of.  This letter of intent will confirm a seat for the student.

  8. We accept Purchase Orders, Contracts, Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, IMPAC Cards, EFT’s, and SF182’s

  9. For those who qualify with the appropriate (current) national certification number for their professional skill level will receive continuing medical education credit from the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS).  The CECBEMS approves this training as, CECBEMS #42-82B-0275; CEH Type: 23.25 Basic, and 53.25 Advanced.  Each student should claim only those hours of credit actually spent in OEMS training.  For questions and assistance, students may contact us.

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